Jurassic World Fierce Force: Masiakasaurus Figure

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Get ready for thrilling action and adventure with Jurassic World: Dominion! These multi-packs of 5 different mini figures, inspired by the movie, make an instant collection! Each pack includes dinosaurs as well as a human figure to enable storytelling. The dinosaur figures included feature stylized design and come in a variety of sizes, within a 1.125 inch scale, for authentic dinosaur battling. All the figures are sized to go anywhere, great for trips across town or cross-country. The dinosaurs included range from well-known favorites to some introduced in Jurassic World: Dominion. Makes a great gift for 3 year olds and up. Colors and decorations may vary. Each pack sold separately, subject to availability.

  • Get a 5-pack of mini figures inspired by Jurassic World: Dominion to start a new collection or expand an existing one!
  • Figures include carnivore and herbivores in themed packs, along with a human figure. All the figures are at an all-new 1.125 in scale for accurate relative sizes.
  • Species introduced in Jurassic World: Dominion are included in some packs, along with fan favorites. Each pack sold separately and subject to availability.
  • Dinosaur fans ages 3 year and older can mix these minis with existing toys to create a cool display of the whole Jurassic World universe. Each pack sold separately, subject to availability.
  • Take them along for travel play! These toys are small in stature, but the fun can be huge!

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