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What if you mixed a collection of party games, choose-your-own-adventure narrative, and a dexterity game? You’re thinking of What Next?, an adventure game that’s tons of fun, where you decide which route to take next…

What Next? is a wonderful hybrid of a game. It’s by Big Potato, who are party games specialists. But What Next? feels like it stands in a class of its own. You play in a co-operative manner, as a team. The adventure has a deck of numbered cards, and you start with number 1. You read the narration aloud, painting the scene. At the bottom of the card, you have a choice to make. If you want to do option A, go to card 2. If you want to do option B, go to card 5…

Depending on your choices, the plot advances (in rather weird and wonderful ways)! At certain points you’ll see the ‘Event’ symbol, where you have to halt the narration and take part in a mini game. This could be a puck-flicking challenge. It could be a find-the-shape challenge (against the clock), or a shape-building challenge. Or something different altogether! Upon a success, you might find helpful props along the way (from the Items Deck). These provide an RPG feel, since you can use them as a one-time occurrence to get you out of trouble later on.

On a failure, you have to start building a ‘Tower of Peril’ out of purple, misshapen blocks. Think Jenga, but even more unstable! If the tower topples, it’s game over straight away. You win if you can make it to the end of the adventure deck.

What Next? is a hilarious team game from Big Potato. There’s three separate adventures in here: The Drums of Koala Cave, The Skyscraper Caper, and Blinky’s Great Escape. They range in difficulty, meaning there’s an adventure here for every kind of group.

Player Count: 1-4 Players
Time: 40 minutes
Age: 10+

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