Troyes Dice Board Game

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Troyes Dice

Troyes is a fantastic but mean euro game where you can literally buy other players dice and they have no say in the matter. This can ruin their plans very very quickly. Like a lot of great games it’s now been turned into a roll and write, imaginatively called Troyes Dice.

Troyes Dice doesn’t attempt to completely replicate the original game, rather it looks to take on the theme and some of the more memorable aspects of the game. The central player board has cut outs for circular tokens that are double sided and each side is one of three colours, yellow, white or red. Three of the four dice you will roll each round are translucent and they take on the colour of the token below them. The fourth is black and bad news.

You know where to place the dice thanks to a spinning wheel that tells you where to place the dice and how much they will cost to use.

The colours relate to three ‘city’ sections on you player mats. You can fill in buildings or take bonuses according to the colour dice you choose, but there are also ways to change the value and the colour of your chosen dice.
Early days you might want to focus on then red dice as these allow you to protect your city from the horrible black event dice. After the second round the black dice will attack a column in your city each turn. If it isn’t protected then everything in that column that hasn’t been activated will be destroyed!

Troyes Dice is a relatively straightforward but challenging roll and write which sees you balancing out the various scoring options. There isn’t really any player interaction to speak of, hence the player count, but the short play time makes up for this. A worthy and different feeling roll and write.

Player count: 1-10
Time: 20-30 minutes
Age rating: 12+

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